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Welcome to SuperSafe Library, Inc

SuperSafe specializes in providing you with products that are essential to your library security and automation needs. Whether you are looking for EM, RF, or RFID security Tags (strips); EM Security Systems; Library Self Checkout Stations; Library Workstationsor anything else to enhance the efficiency and security of your library, we at SuperSafe offer the highest quality products at the best prices (normal savings of 30% to 50%), backed by the finest customer support in the business. With 15 years of manufacturing experience in the library and bookstore markets, we look forward to continuing to serve the needs of our library friends for years to come.

Our products meet all of the highest industry quality standards (our manufacturing facility achieved ISO 9000 certification in 2002) and are 100% compatible with 3MTM, Dialog and Checkpoint products. Because of our manufacturing efficiency and our ability to produce at high volume levels, we are able to provide very attractive prices to our customers. In addition, we can easily customize our products to meet all your specific requirements. SuperSafe Library Security products have been widely used in North America, Europe, Korea, Middle East, and South Pacific. Let SuperSafe Library Security help you to keep your books safe and your library running at optimal efficiency.


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