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EM Double-Sided Security Strips 5" or 6.5"


Double-sided strips (TattletapeTM):
Strips compatible with all EM systems, such as 3MTM, Dialoc, Certus and Checkpoint. Cobalt-based strips incorporating super-thin demagnetizing slices. Easily sensitized and desensitized.

Excellent performance & safety of use:
Manufacturing materials pass the authorization of the SGS Testing Group and are non-toxic.

Designed for ease of application and concealment:
Strips have longer tails, for easier application. Super-thin strips are highly flexible and durable. Opaque backing paper covers strips, protecting them from wear and enhancing strip concealment. Strips are available with white or blue backing paper.

Convenient to use:
Simply peel off clear film to expose metallic strip and place in book as desired. Close book and press tightly to adhere strip. Open book to strip and peel off opaque film to expose the strip's adhesive base paper. Close book and press tightly once more to adhere backing paper.

Length of inner strip: 6.5"(160MM) or 5"(125MM), double-sided, Length can be customized

Non-Circulating Strips:
We also stock a wide selection of security strips that do not desensitize. These strips can be used to secure reference materials that are unavailable for library checkout.

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